Our Coaches

Holly Hart

Head Coach - Red Double Half Group and Newsletter Editor

Holly French Hart began running about ten years ago at age forty, and at that time, to run a mile without stopping was an achievement. After that, running a 5K was the goal, eventually progressing to a 10K distance and being able to cross the finish line. Since joining USAFit six years ago, Holly has run 10 half marathons, even becoming an official Half Fanatic! She served as a Yellow Half coach for USAFit for several seasons.

With a 50th birthday on the horizon during the 2016-17 season, Holly took a break from coaching the Yellow Half group to train for her first full marathon (a hilly Cowtown in Ft. Worth!) and prove that age is just a number. Having finished that race with makeup still intact and not out of breath for a great finish line photo, she is excited to be an Assistant Coach with her husband Michael for the Yellow Marathon group!

On her running journey with USAFit, Holly has learned that challenges can be overcome with perseverance and the great support of running friends. She started and finished her doctorate while a member of USAFit (and probably wrote much of her dissertation in her head on those Saturday mornings of running), and one summer, in-between half-marathons, Holly had to have foot surgery on both feet – not because of running, but because of wearing too many pairs of high heels! She is proof that if you listen to your body, and take it easy but keep persisting, you can keep going!

In her spare time, Holly enjoys yoga, reading, traveling, wine-tasting, and attending music, art, and theatrical events in the community. Most of all, she enjoys spending time with the love of her life, Michael Hart, and their little kitten, Symphony.

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