Our Coaches

Diana Sanchez-Edwards

Assistant Coach - Red Marathon Group

Years Running:  Diana has been running since high school; she started distance running in 2008 with USA FIT.

Number of Marathons/Half Marathons.  1 marathons; 11 half marathons.  “Do training runs count?  LOL!)

Hobbies besides running:  Riding motorcycles, volunteering and enjoying life.

Favorite Races:  My favorite is the Dean-Williams 5K.  It is a memorial run for Police Officers killed in the line of duty.  It raises awareness and fund for people with mental and physical disabilities.  It is held every year in May on the Shreveport riverfront.

Favorite distance:  Love the Half!

Other:  Running has introduced me to so many awesome people from all over the Shreveport-Bossier City area.  I have made lifetime friendships and look forward to meeting new people.

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