Welcome to USA Fit Shreveport!

Our target event for the 2018-2019 season will be The Woodlands Marathon and Half Marathon on Saturday, March 2, 2019. We will run the Log Jammer Half in Shreveport on December 9, 2018.  Our 11th season of USA Fit Shreveport kicks off Saturday, September 22nd!

USA Fit Shreveport is a training program for runners of all ability levels, from first timers to experienced athletes, with the goal of completing a marathon or half marathon distance.  Our coaches are devoted to getting you in the best shape of your life in a non-intimidating, fun, and safe environment.  Whether you are a couch-potato, walker, casual jogger, or marathon veteran, this marathon and half marathon training program is the most enjoyable, most inspiring, and most efficient way to get in the best shape of your life.

Upon joining, you will receive day-by-day training schedules, Saturday morning group runs, the latest information on group plans, informational seminars on a variety of fitness topics, and a USA Fit Shreveport technical T-shirt.  You will also be placed in a pace group with runners of similar experience and abilities. For each group, we offer experienced coaches and assistant coaches who will lead the Saturday group runs and answer questions you have about the training schedule.

Ask anyone who has completed their goal of getting in shape or finishing a marathon, and I’m sure they will tell you it has truly changed his/her life. You will feel fitter, happier, and mentally stronger, and all in a short 23 weeks.  USA Fit Shreveport started offering training for the marathon or half marathon distances in 2008. For most of these runners this was their first time to attempt a race of this distance, and many have continued on to run another marathon or half marathon in the years since.

Does just hearing the word marathon make you shake in your shoes? That’s okay, come out and join us anyway. Our participants have various goals ranging from getting in shape to running the full marathon distance. You will have fun and meet other people just like you to exercise with and help you accomplish your fitness goals.